FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Answers to common questions you may have about your Glamour Photography West Palm Beach photoshoot experience.

Note: When your photoshoot is confirmed, we will send you an extensive digital magazine of the photoshoot preparation process with even more details!

What should I wear?

You and your friends and/or family should wear similar, plain but bright colors.  Avoid patterns (stripes, checkers, etc) and dark colors. You can even e-mail me a pic of the outfit and I can offer my opinion.

How many outfits/looks should I plan on?

It’s a good idea to being one more outfit than your package you purchase so we have choices to work with.  We also bring some accessories to the party to add to the fun!

How long does a shoot last?

The entire process can take two to three hours per person depending on the number of outfits in your experience and if hair and makeup is used.  It will take roughly an hour to do hair and makeup followed by the photo shoot of another hour or so per outfit.

Where do we shoot?

In the comfort of your home or a location of your choosing (a hotel, beach, outdoors or other location you may have access too). Be as daring and imaginative as you want.

I don’t know if my house or apartment is the best location what do you think?

You would be surprised how little space we can make work for a photo shoot.

Can I have a friend be at the photo shoot?

Sure can. Even if you can’t talk your friends into doing a shoot as well, you’re welcome to bring her along for moral support.

Do you provide hair and makeup?

Yes, we do! I work with licensed hair and make up artists.